Kriti RDMS - Online Records and Document Management System

Kriti RDMS is a solution for organizations that are on look out for Comprehensive and Centralised solutions to manage all Records regardless of file formats, content types including electronic Records and email and physical records. With facility to flexible and scaleable architecture, easy to manage and deploy options , the solutions falls within an affordable budget for small and medium enterprises can afford.

Records, Document and Data are regarded as complete and unchangeable. It may exist as paper, as a scanned image, e-mail, electronic or in digital media. The Record Management System is responsible for the systematic control of the Creation, Maintenance, Use, and Disposition of Records. It is the planning, controlling, directing, organizing, training, promoting,and other managerial activities involved in records creation, maintenance, use, and disposition, In order to achieve adequate and proper documentation of the Policies, and transactions of the Organisation. An effective and economical process & workflow management on Operations, Business Management in new generation financial institutions.

RDMS handles the life cycle of Documents distribution and associated workflow, the period of time that Documents are in the custody of the organisation, as per the organization Set up and hierarchy.

Kriti RDMS, life cycle of consists of Creation, Routing, Receipt, Custody, Maintenance, Retrieval, Verification, Disposition and Archival, duly maintaining a proper system for filing, indexing, searching and retrieval incorporating proper securities and procedures. The solution is ideal for filing and verification of Records of any nature especially in Banking, Financial and Commercial Applications.

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