Kriti QAMIS - Quality Assurance Management Information System

Kriti QAMIS Quality Assurance Management Information System, true web based Online software tool to QA Departments to manage total Quality Assurance operations and monitoring to organizations looking for an IT driven QC/QA Decision Support System. The solution takes care of total Life Cycle Management of Quality Control and Quality Assurance Business Process related information workflow activities of testing, inspection, acceptance, archival of information on Products, Raw materials acquired, byproducts manufactured or traded in an organization. An efficient Monitoring of activities at QA laboratories, product wise, vendor wise, laboratory wise and material wise record maintenance, performance monitoring at micro level is made possible through QAMIS solution by maintaining a centralized MIS system for QA Applications.

Universal Quality and Specifications Management

Quality Standards Specifications - Dictate Quality Standards and Specifications for the products / materials sourced and supplied. Decide Specifications based on the customer requirements, International standards, environmental conditions, health & hygienic conditions and regulatory requirements towards meeting international Quality standards. Each vendor be informed with the quality requirements and monitor the quality online.

Testing process monitoring - Each product procured or sold are required to be tested at the specified Quality testing Laboratories in order to ascertain the quality of materials supplied. When the products are submitted to the laboratories the same can be monitored at each stage of laboratory process for raw materials, intermediate products and final products.

Configuration of Testing parameters - Parameters on Chemical, Physical, Microbiological, PFA, IS, FSSAI, ASTM etc are configurable according to the products handled.

Products configurable - Any products or raw materials are configurable according to the user requirements.